Visit of the Marquis of Bristol to Sleaford Museum on Friday October 4th


On Friday 4th October, the Marquis of Bristol visited the Museum after completing the re-opening of the newly refurbished Bristol Water Fountain in the Market Place.  Sleaford Civic Trust organised the refurbishment after gaining a Heritage Lottery grant to cover the costs.  The Water Fountain is now once again a free source of drinking water in Sleaford and will help to reduce plastic waste.

The Museum is supporting this project with a new exhibition ‘The Water We Drink’, and is also involved in outreach work with local schools to help young people understand the history of the Bristol Water Fountain and its impact on the improvement of water quality for Sleaford residents in the mid/late 19th century.

Do come along and see the exhibition, Monday & Wednesday (10 till 4pm),  Saturday 10 till 3pm, and Sunday 12 till 4.



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