Events and Talks


Our programme of talks for 2023 is now completed.  

**Watch this space for our new programme for 2024.**

All talks are presented in St Denys’ Church Rooms, off the Market Place in Sleaford.  

Each talk starts at 7.30pm (except Nov., which is from 2 -4pm) and lasts approximately an hour.  Refreshments are available and there is a raffle.

£3 for non-members and £1 for members.  Click here to become a member.


Tuesday 30th May 2023  ‘The Lincolnshire Home Guard’ by Dr Erik Grigg of Bishop Grosseteste University, Lecturer in History.

Erik presented a fascinating and very entertaining talk to a full house – this was a subject very close to the hearts of the audience and it was greatly enjoyed by all who were present.  The AGM was also held on this evening; thanks to all who attended.

28th March 2023  ‘The Mills of Sleaford (Part 2)’ by Simon Pawley, local Historian and author of recently published, ‘Mr Fawcett’s Potato Patch – Carre Street and the Evolution of Sleaford 1780 – 1990’

Simon presented his talk to a packed house, focussing on the mills outside the town.  He showed in an excellent powerpoint presentation where the mills had been situated and why – also the history of their ‘rise and fall’,  linked cleverly to the sources which gave evidence to his stories and conclusions.  Simon is always a popular presenter and this talk was no exception, it was greatly enjoyed by all.

Tuesday 25th July 2023  ‘1857 – Sleaford’s Marvellous Year’ by Mark Bamford, Chairman of Sleaford Museum Trust (SMT).  The subject of this talk is the coming of the BS&MC railway to Sleaford in 1857.

Another extremely well-attended and popular talk from Mark Bamford, Chairman of the Sleaford Museum Trust.

Tuesday 26th September 2023  ‘Sleaford Corn Exchange – A Cornucopia of Use’ by Nigel Ogden, SMT Researcher.

The Sleaford Corn exchange is a much-missed building amongst many long-term residents of Sleaford.  It had so many uses and many were associated with entertainment and having a great night out.  Nigel has completed a great deal of research on this topic and he presented his talk to an appreciative audience.

Tuesday 14th November 2023    2-4pm  ‘Talks, Teas and Teasers’, presented by Mark Bamford and Museum staff

An afternoon of heritage and history – a few short talks, some historical puzzles and quizzes, with tea and cake!

The second outing of this format and it was again very well received.  The audience enjoyed 4 talks from Mark Bamford, Nigel Ogden, John Dale and David Marriage.  many thanks to all the speakers and to Janice Smith for the gorgeous cakes and all-round excellent refreshments.