Local historical artefacts

Finds from Sleaford Old Heritage Group Community dig, and from a local detectorist.

This exhibition shows a collection of archaeological and historical finds by local detectorist, Ray Hilliard and some of the artefacts from the dig from the Old Place area of Boston Road that was carried out two years ago by the Old Sleaford Heritage Group with Heritage Lottery funding.

Chairman of Old Sleaford Heritage Group, Dale Trimble, said that as well as display boards and power point display about the project and a timeline dating all significant finds in the recent dig, there are several display cases of finds from the latest dig, and also from other previous excavations around the town. These include coin pellet moulds and a shard of pottery with the alphabet scribed on it.

Most of Ray Hilliard’s finds on show are from the Sleaford area, all acquired with the landowner’s permission and cooperation. The pieces range from a neolithic stone axe head that Ray found lying on the surface, and some Roman items including brooches and silver coins. He has found three rare Saxon period stirrup straps and a silver brooch pin from around the 13th or 14th centuries. Items also come from medieval times such as a trading weight and some buckles, and also a George III silver ‘emergency bank shilling’ issued as token coinage when currency was in short supply.