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VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations 8th May 2020

Sleaford Museum would have been open especially on Friday 8th May [normally closed] to celebrate Victory in Europe day. As it has done on other celebratory occasions, there was to be bunting in red, white, and blue, balloons, flags, music, tea and cake… The staff might even have been in costume, or complimentary colours!

Several pictures on display would show street parties, dances, local jubilations and particularly old photos of London with Winston Churchill, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and the two princesses, Elizabeth [our present queen] and her sister, Margaret. The city was overwhelmed with people cheering and singing and dancing. Street parties were enjoyed all over the place even with wartime rations still creating hardship. The mood of the country was jubilant…the War was OVER!

At 3pm we would join in the universal toast to take place across the country, thanking and honouring those who gave their lives for our freedom. It might have been only in tea, but it was to be a symbol of gratitude and thanksgiving.


Museum closure from 17/3/20

During our closure, we will post links to short displays on this website and on Facebook.  The first is a short history of Herbert Couchman, Chief Engineer of Sleaford's iconic Bass Maltings.  The link is here.

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