Welcome to Sleaford Museum...

Museum re-opening

We are delighted to announce that Sleaford Museum will re-open on Saturday 1st August, from 10am until 3pm.  

We look forward to welcoming our visitors and volunteers back to the Museum; we have done our utmost, following the Government guidance on Covid-19 security measures, to make everyone safe without spoiling the enjoyment of your visit.  Come and help us celebrate 5 years of sharing the stories of Sleaford people.

Information about your visit:

  • Museum will be open initially on Saturdays only, from 10am till 3pm.  We hope to increase opening times in due course.
  • Only 4 visitors will be allowed into the Museum at one time, and two volunteers will be present to assist if required.
  • A logical route around the Museum has been suggested by tape and floor markings, allowing visitors to physically distance.  Perspex screens are in place at the reception desk.
  • Visitors are requested to sign a NHS Test & Trace list, to wear a face covering during their visit, and to use the hand sanitiser provided before entering and leaving the Museum.
  • It will not be permitted to eat or drink within the Museum.
  • Booklets and postcards to purchase have been removed from view, but are still available to purchase from the volunteers.  Cash payments for purchases and any donations should be put into the donation jar.  Gift Aid envelopes are also available.
  • If visitors require access to the books on the bookshelf, please ask a volunteer.  The book will be quarantined for 72 hours after use.
  • Artefact donations are welcomed - please place any items in a plastic bag and hand to a volunteer.


Five Years At The Museum

The museum is reopening

Closure’s been a pain

But on Saturday 1st August

We’ll be opening up again.


We’ve had to take precautions

And rearrange displays,

But now we’re going to open

For three hours on Saturdays.


Come and see the relics

And I don’t mean volunteers

We have so many artefacts

They’re coming out our ears.

Displays about the Workhouse

Bygone Shops as well

Five years of exhibitions

And the stories that they tell


It used to be a toilet block

But now it’s a Museum

Lot of things of interest

So please come in and see 'em.

Five years of telling stories

Of Archaeology and more

You’ll always get a Welcome

On stepping through the door.




The research is amazing

I wonder who did that

I think his head is swelling

He needs a larger hat.

If memories of bygone years

Are of  interest to you

Please pay us a visit

To see the work we do.


You’ll all be very welcome.

Some travel many a mile

To visit the Museum

It makes it all worthwhile.

15000 people

Have entered through the door

But if you’re going to visit

Follow markings on the floor.


Come and help us celebrate

On our fifth birthday.

We’d really like to see you.

So pop down this Saturday.


That is all I ask

If you’re going shopping later

Don’t forget to wear your mask.



As lockdown restrictions ease and the town gets busier once more, do take a moment to look at the beautiful floral display in Monument Gardens outside the Museum.  It really is stunning.


Sleaford's Museum of local history in its specially designed building is home to artefacts and stories that portray fascinating aspects of the town and area's unique past. Exhibitions in its colourful interior change frequently and visitors are united in their praise.  Admission is free but your donations are welcomed and appreciated to help us to cover essential costs and to fund new exhibitions.  The Museum is a completely volunteer run organisation and a registered charity.