Welcome to Sleaford Museum...    Sharing Our Stories

Sleaford's Museum of local history in its specially designed building is home to artefacts and stories that portray fascinating aspects of the town and area's unique past. Exhibitions in its colourful interior change frequently and visitors are united in their praise.  Admission is free, but your donations are welcomed and much appreciated to help us to cover essential costs and to fund new exhibitions. A range of local history books, booklets, postcards, pens, key-rings etc can be purchased.

The Museum is a completely volunteer-run organisation and a registered charity.  Donations are very gratefully received.

Since opening in 2015, over 20000 visitors have joined us to celebrate sharing the stories of Sleaford people.

Christmas holiday dates:  Museum will close on 16th Dec at 3pm and will reopen on 20th January.

Sleaford Museum Christmas window will open on Sleaford Christmas Market day, Sunday 3rd December.  The Museum is open from 11 till 4pm.

The Museum Christmas Window will be open for viewing each day until Christmas Eve, even when the Museum is closed.


Books available from Sleaford Museum from Friday 1st December, cash or cheque only initially.

Sleaford Museum celebrates our 20,000th visitors!

Since opening on 2nd April 2015, Sleaford Museum has welcomed just over 20,000 visitors - these three lovely young ladies who came in on Saturday were awarded the certificate to celebrate the achievement.  Congratulations!

Thank you to every Museum visitor over the last 8 years, those local to Sleaford and those from much further afield.  All have been made welcome by our loyal team of willing volunteers, the friendly faces and helpful people who are so knowledgeable and help to make your visit enjoyable. Thank you to all those in the local area who have taken Sleaford Museum to their hearts and who visit so regularly to attend activities, and to see new exhibitions.  There have been countless wonderful reviews - this is one of our most recent, courtesy of The Bourne History Guy

It’s raining so I thought I’d get myself to Sleaford museum, and it didn’t disappoint! What a fantastic museum they have in Sleaford. It was perfectly well lit. Their informative signs were easy to read and easy to follow. Greeted upon reception by a friendly face, or two. They had internet which meant I didn’t have to use personal phone data which was a huge plus. Fantastic artefacts. Beautifully displayed. The only thing which was missing was a tea shop, but as it is pretty much connected with the rest of the town, I’ve been able to find one quite quickly and now having a Cornish pasty and hot choc. Thank you rain.
PS. And a great display window.


Sleaford Museum sponsored an award this year - the Community Award.  Many congratulations to Joint Winners, Anthony Wood and Katie Gyles.

Link to video of the ceremony


General information about your visit to the Museum:

  • A logical route around the Museum has been suggested by tape and floor markings.
  • Visitors may wear a face covering during their visit if they wish, and hand sanitiser is provided for use if required.
  • It is not permitted to eat or drink within the Museum.
  • Local history books, booklets and postcards are available to purchase from the volunteers.
  • Card payment is now available, or cash payment, for any purchases. Donations are welcomed and should be put into the donation cistern or paid electronically via the card machine or with STRIPE via Donorbox (instructions are shown in the Museum).  Gift Aid envelopes are also available.
  • Artefact donations are welcomed - please place any items in a plastic bag and hand to a volunteer.